Assignment #10: More News Photos

Assignment: Read chapters 22, 23, 24 and 25 in the textbook  (free pdf version here or purchase hard copy here).

* * * *

Assignment #10 Homework questions:

36) What is the difference between a wire photo and an original photo?

37) How do you identify a news photo as a wirephoto?

38) All other things equivalent (same subject, age, size, condition, etc), what will be worth more: a wire photo or an original new photo?

39) Describe some type of production marks that can be found on news photos and what was their purpose?

40) Some collectors like productions marks on photos and other don’t. Some take it on a case per case situation– for example, not minding notes on back but preferring the front image not to be ‘marred’ by marks. What is your personal taste?

* * * *

Course Assignments:

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Assignment #10: More News Photos

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Assignment #13: Modern Photomechanical and Digital Processes

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