Assignment #14: Making Final Identification Judgments

Assignment: Read chapter 30 in the textbook  (free pdf version here or purchase hard copy here).

This assignment would involve final discussion covering bringing all the past reading and assignments together to make final judgments about photographs.  As discussed in Assignment #1, you will be confident about the identity of some photos, not quite sure about some and others will be outside of your realm of knowledge and experience.  Some photos you will be certain about the general age and identity but not some specific details.  For example, you may be confident a photo is an original cabinet card from the 1800s, but can’t pinpoint it to the 1870s or 1880s.  You may be certain a photo is vintage, but are unsure if the less than perfect image was printed from the original negative.  You may believe a photo is ‘printed later,’ but not sure how many years later.  If you don’t know, you don’t know and it does no one, including yourself, any good to be more specific in your answer than warranted.  Also, most collectors and dealers are specialists.  Few people are experts in all areas and eras of photographs, and even fewer in all subjects in the images (baseball players, politicians, geography, etc).  You aren’t expected to know everything, because no one does.

* * * *

Course Assignments:

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Assignment #3: Gelatin Silver Prints

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Assignment #14: Making Final Identification Judgments


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